Meet Cate Emily Ferguson!

Born on April 7, 1009 a.m

weight: 6lbs 7oz height 181/2 inches

Granny got to spend the whole day with little Catie and we had  wonderful time. Here are some pictures I took.


This is Aunt Emily. Cindy's oldest daughter.


Now who's that handsome fellow???

Why it's Uncle Jackson!!!! He already loves that baby...can you tell?

And finally a pic of the little Mommy herself, my Destiny...

OH and don't forget Brooksie, the black lab.  Daddy was taking the picture so I'll have to get him in next time.

Here is Great Grandma Baker with Cate

And of course Great Grandpa Baker

And my favorite pic so far, Gramma and Cate

Update pics May 24th.
Cate Cate's first trip to the lake for her MaMa's birthday

Look at that pretty baby girl......awwwww....

Pretty soon she's going to be rolling over!


 More New Pics





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