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February 1st, 2011 at 7:30 am

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Chain of Hope is a non for profit org that seek out animals in the KC Metro area that have been neglected by owners, running loose, etc. Some of these dogs are completely emancipated and most of the stories are not good ones but there are some happy stories. You can find Chain of Hope on Facebook and read all about them. They are my number 1 charity because they work so hard. They people go out all hours of the day and night trying to help animals who need food, shelter and care. Most of what they find are dogs in mud pits in back yards on chains with no food, no water and sometimes they can get to the animal, sometimes they can’t. I don’t understand how anyone would get an animal just to stick it outside with no shelter, no food and leave it on a chain. Why? Are you nuts? Are you human? Do you have a heart? I have 4 dogs, some of which are rescues. I could NEVER leave my dog out there to be exposed to heat, cold, rain, storms, no food, water or at least a dog house. I understand that some people’s dogs aren’t housebroke. That’s YOUR fault. Not the dogs. YOU didn’t take the time to train the puppy and stick with it. You probably tried a week or so then threw the dog out and that was it. Well guess what….that’s not the way to do it. Dogs and cats are living creatures, they need love and patience. You need to be responsible and not just throw the animal away because it’s not conforming to your idea of “perfect”. I’d rather see a dog be in the garage than out in the elements. Please people, just think before you go get that “cute little puppy” that you know what you’re getting into. Potty training that lasts about 4 months and patience. If you’ve ever had a child how long did it take to potty train them? Months, a year? Surely you can take the puppy out in the morning and many times during the day. Winter time is no time to do this of course. And please, adopt, don’t buy. There are so many beautiful dogs and cats, puppies and kittens at the shelter and some are pure bred. You’d be surprised at what you’ll find. ;-)

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