* Ric Rac Roses *

January 12th, 2012 at 3:07 pm

Here’s how I made the ric rac roses that are on FB. Now I dont have any pics of this on here because my server wont let me upload any right now. So..the tutorial is going to be text so follow along as best you can.

First, Get your choice of color in Ric Rac, Get MEDIUM SIZE. I always use pink but RED is really pretty also. Ok, to make a ring size rose, cut a strand of ric rac about 12 inches long and then cut in half. So you have 2 pieces. Twist them so they are “inbetween each other” and flat so it looks like you have one big piece of ric rac and there are no gaps in between. (I wish I had a photo). Anyway, once you have them put together, sew a stitch down one side of the ric rac just to keep them together. Now dont sew down the center, sew down to one side. Lock stitch. Cut off ends if they have freyed or loose threads. Then get your hot glue gun ready. Start rolling. Roll the ric rac from the end, tucking the ends under really well and keep rolling. Drop little drops of hot glue on the ric rac as you roll to held it together. Dont roll REAL tight, just a normal roll. Keep using your hot glue until you read the end, hot glue the ends down and cut off any stray threads. Let it dry. After it drys gently open the rose up with ringers..GENTLY. You just want it to open up slightly and dont worry if it doesnt do it. Rosebuds are very pretty. You can then use them however you want. I use some ringbacks from Hobby Lobby and glue them on or you can sew them to a plain set of old pearls you’d like to dress up!. You can do countless things. Make them bigger and make a broach! Stud them with tiny pearls! Just remember, The shiny ric rac looks and feels much prettier. The plain cotton doesn’t do much but it’s good for practice! Enjoy!

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