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December 24th, 2006 at 7:39 am
Mood : hehehe  Tv : Good Morning America weekend

I got up this morning and waxed the floors. It’s the only time the dogs won’t track prints..LOL. I’m still up at 6 and I doubt if I go back to bed. I’m going to be putting the food together today then popping it in the oven tomorrow. I’ve got a cheese tray, chicken drumettes, stuffed mushrooms, crab meat and shrimp with drawn butter, hashbrown casserole, red velvet cake. I think that will be enough… :lol: I really hope that everyone has a good Cmas and I hope all of you out there will have peace and tranquility. We go to my MIL’s tonight for dinner and gifts then in the AM it will be just us three to open gifts and relax. Then the world wind blow in with MIL and my daughter and her husband & Cate. I bought Cate a cute little potty chair that sings when you flush the handle and it’s adorable. I also got her the Fisher Price Grand piano. It lights up and plays music and is really cute. Jackson has a cold and had a hard time getting to sleep tonight… :( Hopefully tonight will get better…I sure hope so. Santa gets really tired waiting for the boy to go to sleep. My husband says at 10 we should phase out Santa but I can’t bring myself to do it. He’s so happy and the wonder on his face, I just can’t take that away yet. What to do….anyway, not now.

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