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About Cindy

My name is Cindy Baker and I live in Kansas City with my husband Brent and our 11 year old son Jackson.  My kids are my life. I have 2 daughters ages 30 and 31, Emily and Destiny. My son is the most precious thing in the world. He's my hero.

I'm the Immediate Past President of the Fraternal Order of Police and was head of the labor union. I was a police officer for 11 years and left to stay home, be a wife and have a baby. My husband is a police Captain so between him telling me his exciting stories and my being involved with union matters, negotiations for contracts and my police "brothers and sisters", I stay pretty much on top of things. We live in a very large house with 3 wonderful doggies and 3 kitties. My family and pets are everything to me. I love to stay busy and some of that time is spent on the computer. I created Babys Breath in honor of my son. I never touched a computer before he came along but one day I stumbled across "web pages". and I KNEW I had to learn how to do that. So I did. Babys Breath is now one of the premier sites for baby and children's graphics. I'm very proud of my work. It's great to stay at home, play with Jackson and "keep house". I do miss my police work from time to time but my "buddies" on the force never let me forget them or that I have work to do there. All of our dogs are housedogs.Buddy, Sarge and Doc  have been trained  well. They all have their own "rooms" and spots where they sleep. All the doggies sleep in my son's room.. The kitties are more aloof. Jennifurr, , Rosebud and Princess are their names. . They are always on my bed lounging as "ladies" do while the "fella" is on someone's lap most of the time.


WE have a new addition, his name is Romeo, a Golden Retriever. Here's a pic of Romeo.

My daughters are wonderful. They have grown into beautiful ladies and I love them dearly. My son is the most precious gift anyone could have. I'm 48 and being an older Mom I have more patience and I believe, more wisdom than I did in my early days. I love to go places with Jackson and I'm very active in his school.

I love to cook and work in the garden. I love to cook what I grow. I also love tole painting, pixel painting and all kinds of crafts. As of April 7, 2005 I became a Grandma. She is the most precious little thing. Cate Emily Ferguson.  You can see her own webpage Here

Emily is a leasing manager and Destiny has her own business

Emily, Me and Destiny on her wedding day

The ring bearer and me


Our Home

My Brent

In 2003, Brent suffered a massive heart attack. Thankfully they repaired the damage and he is doing fine. The next year we had our house remodeled inside and plan on doing the outside as soon as we can.


Well, that's about it for me...nothing spectacular but life is good.

My little Jedi....


My little grandaughter Cate Emily