"Cindy, of Babyzbreath graphics is undoubtedly one of the most talented pixel artists I have known. I have known this wonderful artist for many years, and not only does she create the sweetest and softest graphics, she does it with style and perfection. I have a great respect for anyone that can create pixel art, as it is one of the most tedious and time consuming type of artwork to produce. Not only is Cindy talented, she is just as kind and gentle as her work reflects. I am constantly in awe of the beauty she creates".



"Babyz Breath is a delightful pixel site that has a lot to offer! Paint Shop Pro tubes, lines, screensavers, free Incredimail backgrounds, linkware web sets, personalized signatures and free wallpapers are just the beginning of the wonderful offerings from this talented graphic artist! Cindy has been an online graphic bud of mine for many years and there are fewer harder working graphic designers on the web than she is. Visit Babyz Breath today for all of your graphic needs!"

From Selene at

Cindy is one of the most generous gals I know. Her lines just keep getting better and better! I foresee her becoming a wonderful pixel artist! She has adorable wee tubes and I just love her stationary :)....check out her web sets too.....they are great! 

From DanaLea at

I've known Cindy for almost 12 years, she has always been warm and kind to me and also a very good friend, helping me through the hard times of my life always there with a kind word and encouragement.
I know that everything she has done on her website is done with love.  I'm sure that you will be happy with anything you purchase from her, because besides being done with love, they are very well done.
Dana Lea Moore
Dana Lea's Graphics